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Telephone Service Directory

  • We provide advertiser Listings of Phone Contractors who add and repair inside telephone wiring & jacks   (in the U.S.)
    • Searchable by City (that they make service calls to).

  • We also have advertiser Listings of Local Exchange Carriers who provide local telephone service (dial tone)   (in the U.S.)
    • Searchable by Area Code & Prefix.

Need additional phone jacks?
Need a new telephone number or line?
Need a new phone line, outlet, or jack?
Need service to your inside telephone wiring?
Do you need a business phone system installed?
Need a company who does telephone installations?
Need a network or phone outlet for your computer?
Need voice or data wiring, jacks, outlets, lines, drops?
Have a new phone, wire, or cable that needs installing?
Do you have a business phone system thats needs repairing or programming?
How about a directory of phone service providers or telephone service companies?
Would you like to see a directory of listings for independent telephone repair companies?
Need to find Inside Wiring Contractors who repair, add, & install telephone jacks & outlets?
Want to find some alternative competitive local exchange carriers for local telephone service?

You have come to the right place!

  • Most Inside Wiring Contractors can provide the following services and more!
    • New / Additional Jacks, Outlets, & Phone Wiring
    • Wiring Repair
    • Home Computer Networking
    • Computer Outlets
    • Cable Installation
    • Inside Wiring repair / replacement
    • Phone Jack repair
    • Telephone Line repair
    • Inside Telephone Wiring diagnosis
    • Add Speaker Outlets
    • Install Telephone Jacks & equipment
    • Most have many other talents, just ask them

  • Local Telephone Service Providers
    • These phone companies are also known as:  Local Exchange Carriers (LEC)
    • And known as:  Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC)
    • Provide your local phone service (dial tone)
    • Offer Business & Home Phone Service
    • Offer Pre-Paid and Regular Billing
    • May save you money compared to your existing phone service provider
    • May offer long distance service as part of their package
    • Additional offerings may include:
      • Inside wiring service / protection plans
      • Voice Mail
      • Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, etc.
      • Internet Service
      • and Many other options not listed

NOTE:  The listings contained within this website are advertisers. Think of this website as one specialized category within the Business & Service listings that you would find in your local newspaper. We do not screen or maintain/review references of our advertisers. It is your responsibility to determine whether the advertiser has the qualifications to meet your needs. We are a listing (advertising) service only.

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Other Telecom Websites of Interest

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